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Professional Camera Operator Reviews Panasonic VariCam 35

State-of-the-art shooting technology in 2014: Our thoughts on the Panasonic VariCam 35

Author of article: Jim Skvaril Check out this string of clips from a meeting of the Digital Cinema Society in Hollywood last week. It’s the first volley of info about a new camera that we have been waiting for. The camera is the Panasonic VariCam 35. Panasonic is finally delivering it’s first large imager production […]

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review of SONY FS-7 camera

SONY FS-7 Review

LARGE Sensor + Form Factor + Economical Price = SONY FS-7 To this point if you wanted a camera with the benefits of a Large Sensor at a reasonable price your choices were limited to DSLR’s or DSLR’ on steroids like the Canon C 100’s 300’s or 500’s. In order to make either of the above useable […]

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Top Five [5] Reasons to Use Educational Training Videos

Top Five [5] Reasons to Use Educational Videos

How to Teach: Employees, Patients, Consumers, Business Owners, Teachers, Students and More Than Can Fit into This Headline You can now teach or train almost anywhere, anytime, thanks to the internet. Using educational videos; a manager can present the latest H.R. policy to numerous departments in numerous offices all at one time, a doctor can […]

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Hire a camera crew in Chicago

Ways to use video as a marketing tool for special events, tradeshows and conferences

Use your next event as an opportunity to create video for a multitude of marketing initiatives you can use later. Companies spend a lot of money on trade shows and conferences – branding booths and events, driving customer foot traffic, training and sending staff – so why not use this opportunity to create video that […]

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Best broadcast video camera crew

Top [5] five qualities to look for when hiring a cameraman or crew

Great attention is given to actors, directors and producers, but what about the guy (or gal) you never see – the one on the other side of the lens? The one who holds a 25 lb. piece of equipment on their shoulder, while walking along a bumpy road with their vision tunneled into a small [...]

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Video is a great way to teach, train and communicate

Top Five [5] Reasons Hospitals Should Be Using Video

How to improve hospital patient satisfaction ratings, educate staff in a scalable and budgetary-sound way, or share corporate communications – news, announcements and more…. You can now teach, train or communicate almost anywhere, anytime, thanks to the internet. Using video; a doctor can ease anxiety of potential patients by speaking about a procedure from a [...]

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