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why video works

Top Reasons Video Works For Service Companies

Video is an exceptional way to capture and keep attention, and generate leads – 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communications1, and the majority name video as the type of content with the best ROI.2 Here are the top three reasons video works:   #1 Drive more prospects to your new website […]

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Create impactful online video content

How to increase video viewership and engagement: video length and understanding your audience are key

After discovering an infographic from KISSmetrics and Wistia,we outlined a few key takeaways about increasing online video viewership: – put the most important parts of your message at the beginning of your video content – try to intertwine personal experiences with your main message – shorter online videos (2 minutes or less) show the best […]

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Tech Trader: Video Reinvents The Web As The Majors Scramble To Cash In

Video reinvents the web: The Internet accommodates video perhaps better than text. This is especially the case on small screens where text is harder to read, and thus perfect for a society that seems to read less and less. via Tech Trader: Video Reinvents The Web As The Majors Scramble To Cash In — Barron’s […]

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