Video Studio Design Services

In-house video studio

We build custom studios – both complex and simple – for video production, broadcast, and television. Whether you’d like to broadcast to television networks or a satellite office, Production Craft will design and install a powerful, turnkey broadcast studio for your specific needs and within your budget. We design and install the system, then train your people to operate it – minimizing your costs and hassle.

Services include:








-Service & Maintenance

-Delivery via fiber, satellite and internet connections

How to build your own in-house studio

Top 5 Questions to Ask

1. What do you want to produce? What types of videos? (For example, product demos, webcasts, green screen)

2. Who is your audience and how will they consume the videos? Do you have a type of distribution method in mind?

3. Do you have a site picked out for the studio? We suggest at least 12 x 12 for proper lighting and adequate ceiling height.

4. Do you know whom to talk to about “building out” or construction requirements? Noise pollution, electrical, heating, ventilation and cooling, play a role in quality studio development and should be addressed before building out.

5. Do you have a budget?

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