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The Canstruction of Frosty the Snowcan

Please enjoy this short video of our “canstruction” of Frosty the Snowcan, our way of raising awareness to fight hunger.   "According to Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap Study, one in seven people in Cook County will experience food insecurity this year. Food insecurity is the condition where people cannot reliably access adequate, nutritious food. [...]

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How to use video on LinkedIn for B2B

Video for LinkedIn

Video for LinkedIn – Last week LinkedIn rolled out new ways marketers and brands could leverage video for “Sponsored Content” and “Company Pages” to help businesses reach and engage with the right audience. The successful beta launch is now available to all marketers who want to use native video to build brand awareness and target […]

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video-stats 2018

Why video marketing

The internet has provided a way for audiences to search and find whatever their interests, and video is the easiest way to consume it. Here is some of the latest proof that video marketing is a vital part of any company’s strategy: VIDEO CONTENT IS IN HIGH DEMAND Almost 50% of internet users look for […]

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Why service companies should use video

Top Reasons Video Works For Service Companies

Video is an exceptional way to capture and keep attention, and generate leads – 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communications1, and the majority name video as the type of content with the best ROI.2 Here are the top three reasons video works: #1 Drive more prospects to your new website organically […]

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Chicago video production companies

Top Five [5] Things to Look for When Hiring a Video Production Company

Here at Production Craft, we get several inquiries each week about our video production services and since there are several options to choose from, we think it is important for decision makers to understand what they should look for when hiring a video production company. We understand that the cost of video production can be […]

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Create impactful online video content

How to increase video viewership and engagement: video length and understanding your audience are key

After discovering an infographic from KISSmetrics and Wistia,we outlined a few key takeaways about increasing online video viewership: – put the most important parts of your message at the beginning of your video content – try to intertwine personal experiences with your main message – shorter online videos (2 minutes or less) show the best […]

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Top Five [5] Reasons to Use Educational Training Videos

Top Five [5] Reasons to Use Educational Videos

How to Teach: Employees, Patients, Consumers, Business Owners, Teachers, Students and More Than Can Fit into This Headline You can now teach or train almost anywhere, anytime, thanks to the internet. Using educational videos; a manager can present the latest H.R. policy to numerous departments in numerous offices all at one time, a doctor can […]

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Hire a camera crew in Chicago

Ways to use video as a marketing tool for special events, tradeshows and conferences

Use your next event as an opportunity to create video for a multitude of marketing initiatives you can use later. Companies spend a lot of money on trade shows and conferences – branding booths and events, driving customer foot traffic, training and sending staff – so why not use this opportunity to create video that […]

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Video is a great way to teach, train and communicate

Top Five [5] Reasons Hospitals Should Be Using Video

How to improve hospital patient satisfaction ratings, educate staff in a scalable and budgetary-sound way, or share corporate communications – news, announcements and more…. You can now teach, train or communicate almost anywhere, anytime, thanks to the internet. Using video; a doctor can ease anxiety of potential patients by speaking about a procedure from a [...]

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Best Chicago video production companies

Award-winning video: Prentice

  Friends of Prentice Video features Woman Who Dies During Childbirth CHICAGO, IL – June 1, 2015 – Production Craft, a digital video production company, was announced as a winner at the 2015 Communicator Awards by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. With over 6000 entries received from around the world, the Communicator Awards is the […]

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