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INCREASE SALES: Product videos are a great tool for increasing sales. According to a video commerce report, sites featuring video on the majority of product pages saw a 68% larger average order value (AOV) than sites with video on only a few product pages.

INCREASE WEB TRAFFIC: Want to increase website traffic? Website video is the perfect piece to your online marketing strategy because search engines, especially Google, favor links that include video. Business overviews, customer testimonials, and content marketing are popular types that increase your discoverability.

GENERATE AND CONVERT LEADS: To both generate and convert more leads, create landing pages with interactive video that draws your audience in and leaves them asking for more. This corporate recruiting video is a great example.

Full-service Video Production Services

We coordinate everything from conceptual storyboard creation to media delivery. We believe in being extremely well prepared. This means we talk about your goals and expectations up front, so that the production of your video is stress-free, fun and delivers results.

Best video production companies in Chicago


Examples of preproduction tasks

– Messaging and scripting

– Detailed production schedule

– Site survey

– Extensive project research

– Pre-interviews with interview subject

Corporate Full-Service Video Production


Examples of production tasks

– Shot lists

– Shooting schedule

– Directing crews

– Equipment supply: lighting, sound, video, food

– Comfortable atmosphere for talent

Best video production companies in Chicago


Examples of postproduction tasks

– Quality assurance testing

– Audio and visual content editing

– Special effects, music, animation or graphics

– Customer satisfaction review

– Deliver in format required

Qualities to look for in a video production agency

#1 Skills

Make sure the video production staff has advanced production, technical, and creative skills. Ask them for examples of clients, projects they’ve worked on and where their expertise lay. With extensive knowledge they should be able to simplify complex assignments and quickly solve any last minute problems that may arise.

#2 Experience

Are you looking for a quick, inexpensive online video production company, or one that has worked with Fortune 500 companies?  Do you want to be highlight involved in the process or hands-off? Ask them if they’ve won any awards and for what, and how long they have been in business.  This may shed some light on whether or not they are dependable and experienced.

#3 Flexible and fun

If they have the skills and experience, the next quality you want is to work with a staff that is flexible and fun.  Look for a contact you can relate to and really listens to you.  If they are a pushy salesman, chances are, they look at your project as a revenue source and not an opportunity to help your company grow.

#4 Detail driven

With video production, there is no such thing as “over planning”.  Make sure to work with a company that understands your goals, and can take care of everything from developing ideas, story boards, script writing, filming, editing, sound and more.

#5 Creative

Creativity comes in two forms: 1) artistic know-how, knowing how the elements of a shoot come together – visual composition, perspective, lighting and movement – it’s all crucial in creating the best story possible, and 2) creative problem solving.

Award-winning Chicago video production company services Fortune 500 companies for corporate videos, promotional videos and social videos.

Chicago's Full-service Video Production Company

Production Craft is a digital video production company that defines, designs, and delivers impactful video that meets client business goals by using a comprehensive production strategy for mid to large-sized companies that need to engage and inspire customers.

For over 30 years, the company’s award-winning team has worked closely with clients to understand their business, audience, and goals, in order to optimize the creation of inspirational stories through video. These inspirational stories move, influence, educate, and entertain us.

Production Craft provides clients with peace-of-mind, knowing their video is created to produce effective results. We use a comprehensive strategy that brings together: an unparalleled preproduction process, synergistic project management, state-of-the-art technical equipment for production execution, and a robust quality assurance system to produce video solutions that meet the highest standards creatively, technically and digitally.

Delivering exceptional service to global and Fortune 500 clients, boosts an experienced, nimble, and passionate team that efficiently and effectively achieves client goals through the art of inspiring and impactful storytelling.