Giving Back: Over 300 Pounds of Food Products Donated

The Canstruction of Frosty the Snowcan

Please enjoy this short video of our “canstruction” of Frosty the Snowcan, our way of raising awareness to fight hunger.


“According to Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap Study, one in seven people in Cook County will experience food insecurity this year. Food insecurity is the condition where people cannot reliably access adequate, nutritious food. Lack of financial and other resources can cause it. People who are food insecure struggle to avoid hunger, a more narrow physiological condition. Hunger is what you feel when you don’t have enough to eat. Food insecurity is the set of circumstances that prevent your access to food.” – the Greater Chicago Food Depository

We believe that food is a basic necessity. Food today means hope for tomorrow for so many across the country.  This past holiday season, we collected and donated more than 300 pounds of food products to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

And in an effort to raise awareness for those in need, we made “Frosty the Snowcan.” A structure made out of over 250 cans of food to benefit those in need. We hope that by sharing stories like this, we can encourage others to give back to their communities. #FrostyTheSnowcan #PCISnowcan #ProductionCraftSnowcan