What is a recruiting video? The purpose of a recruiting video is to help you achieve your talent acquisition goals. Recruiting videos give candidates a reason to work for a company beyond the compensation and benefits. It is the perfect means to communicate your organization’s brand message, while inspiring and engaging viewers. In other words, recruiting videos help candidates put a “face” to your brand “name.”

Corporate recruiting videos appeal

One of the best ways to attract top talent is to show what makes your company different and have a magnetic employment brand. Showing quick hits in a video about how you’ve created a workplace that people will enjoy and featuring management and employees that candidates can relate to does so much more than a list of benefits on a page.

In addition, top candidates today are looking to join companies where their career there will be a journey, not a hiring a destination. By showing candidates the ways in which they can grow and relate with your company, you will not only attain top talent, you’ll also retain them.

In this example, we choose to showcase an overview of the company, interview key leaders in the organization, show growth not only in the industry, but also as a company, and real-life examples of how this global investment banking and wealth management firm is making a difference.

Attract top talent:
Corporate recruiting video


Your team is fabulous! Very professional and wonderful to work with!
— Northwestern Memorial Hospital