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You know your audience, how to get through to them and have a plan of how to do so. But producing quality HD video can be as complex as understanding all of the facets of marketing!

Our professionals have deep experience in the areas of producing, directing, cinematography, videography, editing and post-production – and are ready to help you with as much or as little as you need.


Keep your creative edge and win more business

Don’t lose your creative edge because of limited technical know-how or resources. Call on skilled camera and editing teams that act as an extension of your agency.

Combining advanced technical experience and scalable video production and post resources, Production Craft is your ideal partner.


“Jim was exceptional in bringing warmth, humanity and fun to the project. In exceptionally difficult conditions, Jim shot exceptionally good footage.”

-Disney On-Air Promotions

“Everyone in Chicago was great to work with and I can’t thank you enough for making my life much easier…
just knowing I could always rely on you.”

– The Boeing Company

Your vision, artfully executed

Full-service video production services


We’re ready to help with your production at any step in the process.  Quality digital content development is what we do.  A sampling of services offered include:

  • Preproduction coordination and scheduling
  • Site survey and/or venue selection
  • Finding talent – on air, makeup, wardrobe
  • Power, lighting and audio
  • Partial or complete crewing
  • Motion graphics and animation, including 3D and sound design
  • Various format delivery
  • Quality assurance testing

(partial listing)


Born in Chicago, Production Craft has been servicing clients and delivering quality solutions for over 30 years.

We work closely with clients to understand their business, audience and goals. Our solutions meet the highest standards creatively, technically and digitally by providing:

  • Nimble and passionate teams,
  • Owned and insured, state-of-the-art equipment,
  • An unparalleled preproduction process,
  • Synergistic project management, and
  • A robust quality assurance system

Qualities to look for

Finding your ideal video production partner

#1 Skills

Make sure the video production staff has advanced production, technical, and creative skills. Ask them for examples of clients, projects they’ve worked on and where their expertise lay. With extensive knowledge they should be able to simplify complex assignments and quickly solve any last minute problems that may arise.

#2 Experience

Are you looking for a quick, inexpensive online video production company, or one that has worked with Fortune 500 companies?  Do you want to be highlight involved in the process or hands-off? Ask them if they’ve won any awards and for what, and how long they have been in business.  This may shed some light on whether or not they are dependable and experienced.

#3 Flexible and fun

If they have the skills and experience, the next quality you want is to work with a staff that is flexible and fun.  Look for a contact you can relate to and really listens to you.  If they are a pushy salesman, chances are, they look at your project as a revenue source and not an opportunity to help your company grow.

#4 Detail driven

You’ve heard, “the devil is in the details?” This is especially true when it comes to video production.  Make sure to work with a company that understands your goals, and can take care of everything from developing ideas, story boards, script writing, filming, editing, sound and more.

#5 Creative

Creativity comes in two forms: 1) artistic know-how, knowing how the elements of a shoot come together – visual composition, perspective, lighting and movement – it’s all crucial in creating the best story possible, and 2) creative problem solving.