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Venue Requirements: Chicago Labor Unions

Broadcast Camera Crews, Camera Crews, News & Events

Top Five [5] Things to Look for When Hiring a Video Production Company

Video Marketing, Video production, Video Production

Here at Production Craft, we get several inquiries each week about our video production services and since there are several options […]

why video works

Top Reasons Video Works For Service Companies

Marketing, Video Marketing, Video production, Video Production

Video is an exceptional way to capture and keep attention, and generate leads – 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, […]

Create impactful online video content

How to increase video viewership and engagement: video length and understanding your audience are key

Broadcast Camera Crews, Broadcast Studios, Video Marketing, Video production, Video Production

After discovering an infographic from KISSmetrics and Wistia,we outlined a few key takeaways about increasing online video viewership: […]

Tech Trader: Video Reinvents The Web As The Majors Scramble To Cash In

Video Marketing, Video production, Video Production

Video reinvents the web: The Internet accommodates video perhaps better than text. This is especially the case on small screens where […]

Professional Camera Operator Reviews Panasonic VariCam 35

State-of-the-art shooting technology in 2014: Our thoughts on the Panasonic VariCam 35

Broadcast Camera Crews

Author of article: Jim Skvaril Check out this string of clips from a meeting of the Digital Cinema Society in Hollywood last week. […]

review of SONY FS-7 camera

SONY FS-7 Review

Broadcast Camera Crews

LARGE Sensor + Form Factor + Economical Price = SONY FS-7 To this point if you wanted a camera with the benefits of a Large Sensor at […]

Top Five [5] Reasons to Use Educational Training Videos

Top Five [5] Reasons to Use Educational Videos

Educational/Training, Video production

How to Teach: Employees, Patients, Consumers, Business Owners, Teachers, Students and More Than Can Fit into This Headline You can now […]

Hire a camera crew in Chicago

Ways to use video as a marketing tool for special events, tradeshows and conferences

Marketing, Video production

Use your next event as an opportunity to create video for a multitude of marketing initiatives you can use later. Companies spend a […]

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