Video production process

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How to produce a video: overview of how the video production process works

Video production is the process of converting an idea or story into a video. Because video production can be extremely complex, we simplified it into three main parts:



We call this stage DEFINE, because this is the stage where vendors help you define your:

– goals and objectives,

– focus and purpose,

– creative brief, (outlining your objectives and goals, proposed length, desired style, etc.)

– target audience,

– overall style and content,

– budget guidelines,

– brand standards,

– research needed,

– shooting location (and inspecting it beforehand),

– storyboard and script,

– talent needed (may include casting),

– what logistics and planning will be needed, and

– your strategic and tactical plans.

The preproduction stage is the coordination of all things before shooting your video begins. Through extensive project research, pre-interviews, detailed production schedules, and creative meetings, you can begin smart planning for smart results.

Once all of the items on the above list are approved by you, the client, production can begin.



We call this stage DEVELOP because it’s where everything emerges. This stage is the orchestration of all things while recording or shooting a video, and can include:

– set construction/arrange studio requirements,

– lighting,

– makeup,

– camera crew,

– handling of A/V equipment,

– directing,

– recording,

– shoot footage,



We call this stage DESIGN, because this is where you mold all of the pieces you have together for a specific purpose. This can include:

– editing

– adding visual and sound effects, such as music, soundtrack or voiceovers,

– artwork for different media applications,

– graphics, and

– rough edit for approval.

By implementing rigorous technical requirements for quality assurance, you can be sure what is produced meets the highest standards creatively and technically.



Producing good video takes an experienced team with a fail-proof production process and quality assurance system. The end result is the DELIVERY of a video in the format you required, consistent with your brand, that meets your objectives.


Written by Emily Girolamo of Production Craft

Production Craft provides clients with peace-of-mind, knowing their video is created to produce effective results using a strategy that brings together an unparalleled preproduction process, synergistic project management, state-of-the-art technical equipment for production execution, and a robust quality assurance system to produce video solutions that meet the highest standards creatively and digitally.