Video Studio Design Services

In-house video studio

Custom video studios built to fit your needs

We build custom studios – both complex and simple – for video production, broadcast, and television. Whether you’d like to broadcast to television networks or a satellite office, Production Craft will design and install a powerful, turnkey broadcast studio for your specific needs and within your budget. We design and install the system, then train your people to operate it – minimizing your costs and hassle. See below for the top five questions to ask before starting an in-house video studio.


Consultation: Proper preplanning saves lots of time and money. We ask you some questions over the phone to get a better idea of what you are looking to do and why, and then set up a follow up in your office to assess the space and give you a proposal. Understanding your goals is our main priority.


Design: We’ve designed everything from complex engineering and architectural feats – multiple cameras, IT, lighting, audio and editing systems to the simple and straight-forward single camera interview room with proper sound and lighting requiring minimal effort on your part.


Engineering: Broadcast engineering is complex – and now many times also involves computer engineering and information technology. We make sure the path or route an audio or video signal takes on its way through is set up properly, so you can focus on what matters to you – not trying to figure out technical jargon or fix technical issues.

We also ensure that your video can be delivered via fiber, satellite or internet.

Procurement: Identifying quality equipment that suites your needs and budget can be the difference between a successful initiative and one that is too costly to move forward or keep.  We have the right contacts with the right vendors to help you get the equipment you need and act on your behalf.


Installation: Our team of professionals takes care of the heavy-lifting. We install your studio system, test it, and make sure all is running smoothly and you are happy before we move on to training.


Documentation: We customize your manuals to help you run the system we’ve installed. And, on top of that, will train internal staff.


Training: Who knows, you may have the next Spielberg in your midst. We’ll give you the tools and the training to find out.  And although the Oscars are probably not in your main goal, we’ll make sure you know how to meet the metrics that do matter.


Service & Maintenance: For over 30 years we’ve helped build studios that give companies the means to express their voice. We are a well-established business who believes in supreme customer satisfaction and know that relationships are most important. We don’t start a project, we begin a relationship.

How to build your own in-house studio

Top 5 Questions to Ask

1. What do you want to produce? What types of videos? (For example, product demos, webcasts, green screen)

2. Who is your audience and how will they consume the videos? Do you have a type of distribution method in mind?

3. Do you have a site picked out for the studio? We suggest at least 12 x 12 for proper lighting and adequate ceiling height.

4. Do you know whom to talk to about “building out” or construction requirements? Noise pollution, electrical, heating, ventilation and cooling, play a role in quality studio development and should be addressed before building out.

5. Do you have a budget?

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