Bring video production in house

In-house broadcast studios are sound investments for good public relations and internal communications. They provide instant media access inside your company that increases recognition across media platforms.


In addition to live television broadcasts, in-house broadcast systems also provide a way to professionally record and edit programs for internal training and to communicate with offices worldwide. Studios can include a video wall to create different backgrounds or display a variety of branding animations.

Let us help you capitalize on the power of video by designing and developing an in-house broadcast production studio for you.


Top 5 Questions to ask:
How to build your own in-house studio

1. What do you want to produce? What types of videos? (For example, product demos, webcasts, green screen.)

2. Who is your audience, and how will the content be delivered? Do you have a type of distribution method in mind?

3. Do you have a site picked out for the studio?

4. Do you know whom to talk to about “building out” or construction requirements? Soundproofing, electrical, heating, ventilation and cooling play a role in quality studio development and should be addressed before building out.

5. Do you have a budget?