Share your content in the most efficient and effective way possible

You know video is the way to go, and the content you want to share would be optimized using video, but now what?
What kind of infrastructure needs to be installed?
What is the best hardware to purchase and from where?

If you work with experienced professionals like the experts at Production Craft, you can tell them what you want to use it for, and they will be able to pick and choose from an arsenal of products the items that best serve your need and stay within your budget.

Check out some samples of our work below, or contact us to learn more about in-house studio development.


Featured examples of custom-tailored in-house video solutions

In-house studio featured on CNBC
Client: William Blair

Produce original programming at the drop of a hat, and communicate on-demand with your own in-house studio.

Inhouse Studio Installers_Chicago_Production Craft_Video Production Chicago_Board of Trade.png

Robotic and remote camera installation and programming
Client: CME Group

Robotic cameras, like this one, provide smooth, controlled and precise moves.


Digital signage solutions
Client: YesTrader

Digital display allows you to change content on the fly and exhibit to the public in a big way.


Case studies

CNBC case study_bsi.png

HD broadcast control room
Case study: CNBC Chicago Bureau

By assembling the system at Production Craft’s office, and installing and testing it over one weekend, we minimized downtime for the CNBC Chicago Bureau. The Bureau closed at 5pm on a Friday, we went to work installing a camera and edit system to transmit broadcasts to CNBC’s headquarters, and the Bureau was up and running Monday morning at 8am.


In-house broadcast studio
Case study: Morningstar

We engineered an in-house television studio designed to allow television networks like CNBC, Bloomberg Television, and stations nationwide to conduct live satellite interviews with Morningstar analysts. The studio also provides streaming video broadcasts to

CMEG-control-room_case study_bsi.png

HD broadcast control room installation and training
Case study: CME Group

We designed, installed, and currently maintain six robotic camera setups and an HD broadcast control room. Shots from our system can be seen on an average of 80 times a day on national and worldwide broadcasts.

How to build an in house video studio

National and international access to experts
Case study: Manpower

Our turn-key system is locally controlled by non-technical Manpower communications employees, providing national and international broadcasters immediate access to Manpower’s experts at the flip of a switch. The system also provides for off air video monitoring and local recording of Manpower television appearances.