Create an engaging journey for your customers

“The way that customers research and buy products can no longer be thought of as a linear funnel. Because the funnel concept fails to include: all of the new various touch points – moments when your customers are open to influence; key buying factors – evolved from the explosion of product choices and communications channels; and the well-informed, researched customer.”

  • McKinsey & Company



Attract viewers and motivate action

From initial consideration to loyal advocacy, we’ll help you build video content that guides your customers through the decision-making buying process.

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Initial consideration: The consumer considers an initial set of brands, based on brand perceptions and exposure.

Video types to consider:

  • company overview

  • company culture

  • customer profile

How to build interest with video content marketing

Interest and evaluation

Information gathering, shopping: The consumer adds or subtracts brands as they evaluate what they want or requirements for purchase.

Video types to consider:

  • customer testimonials

  • product demonstrations

  • explainer

How to sell more using video content marketing

Purchase & postpurchase

Moment of purchase and after purchasing: The consumer builds expectations based on experience to inform the next decision journey.

Video types to consider:

  • how-to’s

  • welcome

  • product training

  • explainer

How to build loyal users with video content marketing

Loyalty loop & advocacy

Purchase evaluation: The consumer decides whether the brand is worthy of their loyalty. This includes quality of product, service provided and availability. The customer shares review, recommendations, and actively promotes brand.

Video types to consider:

  • training/support

  • case studies/success stories

  • live event/tradeshow

  • customer testimonials