How to design a high definition broadcast studio

Production Craft designs high-definition television broadcast studio

ManpowerGroupTM of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, but did you know they are also in the business of video production and broadcast television?  Perhaps you’ve seen their CEO or analysts on Bloomberg Television or CNBC discussing earnings reports or employment issues.  These executives don’t need to leave their building to appear on national television. They have a high tech television studio located right in their Milwaukee headquarters.

Originally designed by Production Craft 2005, the standard definition analog television studio suited the company’s needs to provide instant media access to their CEOs. But since television broadcasts are now high definition, Manpower turned to Production Craft for an update.  The new system significantly increases their capabilities with high definition broadcasting, file based recording, digital editing, and an archival system.

In addition to live television broadcasts, the company can now professionally record and edit programs for internal training and to communicate with their offices worldwide. The studio
also includes a video wall to create different backgrounds and display a variety of branding animations.

The investment is well worth it when you consider the exposure this public company achieves on international broadcast networks.  The Manpower television studio makes it easy for news broadcasters to gain quick access to expert analysis. This makes for good public relations and increases recognition across media platforms.

See a bird’s-eye view of the broadcast studio installation: