Social video for LinkedIn: Making compelling B2B video

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Video for LinkedIn – Last week LinkedIn rolled out new ways marketers and brands could leverage video for “Sponsored Content” and “Company Pages” to help businesses reach and engage with the right audience. The successful beta launch is now available to all marketers who want to use native video to build brand awareness and target the right audience by traits such as job title, seniority, company name, industry and skills. (Source: Digit)

What does this mean for you? If you’re a marketer and looking to build the best customer journey possible, it means that you can now find and engage prospects even easier on LinkedIn, especially B2B professionals. Integrating your native video directly in-feed engages viewers organically, so they don’t have to go off-site to find your content.


Here are some best practices and ideas to consider when making LinkedIn videos:

Make your social video short, snackable and shareable

The “sweet spot” for social video tends to be one minute. This gives enough time for you to share a complete concept without overwhelming your audience. If you find that your videos are always running long, either 1.) split them into subtopic videos, or 2.) consider sharing only the “need to know,” instead of the “nice to know.”

Yes, the art of Q&A still works

Write down a list of the top ten questions or hurdles you get from customers/clients and answer them. These can be anywhere from a talking head video, interviews with experts, or actually showing them how to use your product or how the process works.

Give your own prospective on industry news

It’s easy to share a link on social media, but if you can share a video of you analyzing and giving your unique prospective on what’s going on in the industry, then your content will feel less generic and you’ll establish your company as the thought-leader other businesses are looking for. Not sure where to start? Jot down a few areas that your company is considered an expert in (areas you differ from your competition) and a few areas your audience is always looking to know more about. Then take the cross section of those areas – expertise meets customer needs and come up with 1-minute clips of relevant content that your audience can take action on.

Establish an emotional connection

While LinkedIn is considered more of the professional network, keep in mind that professionals are still people. They want to: do a good job; be praised; please their boss; improve productivity; scale their career; increase their understanding of their industry, etc. Tell a story about how a coworker changed a product, or how your team comes together to make your process work.  This will foster an emotional connection with your company, which is the strongest connection you can make.

Feature a call to action

Every interaction with a customer/client/prospect should be helping guide them through a customer journey.  Let them decide where or what they want to do next, but give them an action.  It can be as simple as clicking on a link to learn more, signing up for monthly updates or following your LinkedIn Company Page.

These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Start creating relevant content that your audience cares about and you’ll see engagement rates increase.  Ready to start brainstorming ideas, or have one already that you’re ready to storyboard out? Send us an email or call us.

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Emily Girolamo