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How to pick the right video production company for you

Here at Production Craft, we get several inquiries each week about our video production services and since there are several options to choose from, we think it is important for decision makers to understand what they should look for when hiring a video production company.

We understand that the cost of video production can be a deciding factor in your search but there is more to consider for your next project. Here are five key factors to look for in a video production company:

1) Compare Apples To Apples

Today, almost anyone can record a video. Cameras, camcorders, and other video production equipment and software are more affordable today than they were in the past. However, this allows many startups to present themselves as experienced video production professionals. If you are shopping video production rates find out what exactly is being included in your package so that that you can compare across the board. This includes:

Quality and type of equipment. Experienced video production companies will offer a variety of cameras and equipment for different mediums (i.e. web, TV) and shots (e.g. wide-angle, fixed focal length, movement, lighting, etc.)

Production crews will vary depending on the project. Check your quote to see how many people will work on your project and what skills they possess.

How much time is budgeted for each service? How much time is being spent in the 3 video production steps (i.e. pre production, production, and post production)? Does your video production company offer full and half day rates for production?

Extra costs will add to your budget. What’s included in your equipment package? This can be as simple as finding out if wireless mics are charged separately. Bottom line: dig a little deeper in your packaged quote.

2) Skill and Experience

A great finished product typically stems from the skill and experience of your team. Find out who will really be working on your next video production project. Recently awarded two Communicator Awards, we pride ourselves on hard work and experience. These factors will provide an invaluable return on your investment.

3) Video Project Management

Production planning is essential no matter how big or small the job may be. What objectives are you trying to achieve with your video? How will this video achieve that? Asking the right questions about your project contributes to smart planning and effective results.

4) Value-Added Opportunities

After reviewing your project details, we routinely suggest ways to better schedule production to save time and money for our clients, your video production company should too. For instance an hour or two of crew overtime is less expensive than another half or full day. Sometimes it’s also possible to combine several half days into full days. Video production experts will understand how to schedule shooting to increase productivity and keep you within your budget.

5) Customer Service / Professionalism

Aside from skill, experience, equipment, and planning, how will your video production company service you? Energetic attitudes, quick response times, and attention to detail for unparalleled quality control are just a few of the elements that go into great customer service. This factor is often overlooked while trying to compare rates or packages, but customer service is an intangible benefit that should not be forgotten.

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