How to produce a good interview video

Get a room
(and a good one at that!)

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When it comes to interviewing a satisfied customer or getting that quarterly update from your CEO for your corporate video, a big fussy video production isn’t necessary. But even with low-key productions, the room matters.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind when selecting a space for your next interview:

  • Bigger is better. Even if it’s only one camera, one person on camera, and a chair, a large space makes for a better product. Depth between the camera, the person being taped, and the shot background gives you beautiful, creative and professional composition and lighting options. A large room also allows us to keep cases and equipment close and tidy instead of needing an additional storage area nearby.

  • The microphone hears all. Our ears are accustomed to tuning out background noise in our day-to-day lives. The mic isn’t so forgiving – and neither are our ears when watching a video. Try to find a room away from foot traffic, elevators, and people speaking in nearby offices or cubicles. Check to see if the AC or heat can be manually turned off/on in the room. Crystal clear audio isn’t always attainable, but it is the goal.

  • A room with a view is beautiful! Just let us know so we can plan for it. Windows and time of day greatly affect how our crews work to light your piece and how much setup time we’ll need, so we just like to be prepared.

  • Fully furnished is fine. Fully immobile is not. Chairs, tables and such can be moved aside or into hallways. That enormous mahogany conference table – not so much.

Not sure where to go? We have a brand-new 10,000 square foot production studio just minutes from Chicago, ready with all of the fixings. Can’t make it to Chicago? Don’t worry, our camera crews have made masterpieces out of closets in the years that we’ve been making videos, so if you can’t find the perfect space, don’t fret. Speak with one of Production Craft’s videographers or production managers, and they will work with you to navigate the room vices. Heck, they’ll even come check the place out if you’ll let them. As you’ll see in our process, the key is in the pre–production and preparation will give you an amazing video, guaranteed.