How Manufacturers Can Use Video, Part 1: Enhancing Your Company's Image

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Enhancing Your Company's Image

Your company’s image is more than just your logo—it’s your reputation. It’s what the public envisions when your company is mentioned. So, maintaining a face that fits and furthers the name and mission of your company should be at the top of your list.


Why Is Brand Hygiene Important?

Brand hygiene is industry shorthand for all the work that goes into branding and rebranding. Your brand image is simultaneously the face of your company and an embodiment of your purpose. It signals to consumers not only what service you provide them and how they stand to benefit from it, but above all else, who you really are.

Show Off Your Dopp Kit

There are three main areas that exist within your company that your customers want to know about: company culture, processes, and technology. Think of these areas as items in your dopp kit.


  • Company culture (who you are): If your services are virtually identical to your competitors, then it follows that company culture is the area where you can most distinguish yourself in the field. Not sure where to start? Why not start with how your business began? Your company's origin story—whether you know it or not—dictates much of your company culture. Video interviews with employees is often the easiest way to get started.


  • Processes (what you do): The way employees execute your company's tasks is the bread and butter of any so-called content marketing strategy. Most companies have at least two main sources for information about its processes. For example, Production Craft keeps a page filled with customer reviews that show off not only what customers like about working with us, but the language they use to describe it. Focusing on the benefit to the consumer is a great way to show how you deliver results. Hosting a web page with videos of your processes broken down into steps can also help visitors better understand what you do.


  • Technology (what you can do for me): Technology tends to receive the most attention on a company website. After all, what customer wouldn't prefer the company using the best tools? Take a look at your competitors' sites and see how they emphasize technology—and what they're missing. Even if you're using an old toothbrush, describe that toothbrush as if it's the most reliable. Because as far as you're concerned, it is.


Whether you're building jets or paperweights, your company's culture, processes, and technology are constants in your industry. Finding the overlap between these three elements is how you achieve optimal brand hygiene.

One of the best ways to enhance your company’s image? Use video to tell your story. Get in touch with us to learn more.


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